Listen: Brooklyn rockers The Men release new single “Pearly Gates,” aren’t a cult

Yes, it's another new album, out soon.

- Jan 9, 2014

The Men are one of those bands that can make ages ago feel like yesterday, just because they always seem to be around. Four years created four-full length albums, and March 4th, 2014, will see the release of yet another LP from the Brooklyn punk lads, Tomorrow's Hits, out on Sacred Bones. They've wasted no moment of their raised profile with an incredible prolificacy, and judging from the tenor of their latest single “Pearly Gates,” slowing down isn't an option, hypothetical, or even a thought.

The sound of “Pearly Gates” is that of some B-level cult leader throwing out the script mid-sermon, tossing a couple guitars into the choir, and ripping into roots rock infected with the Holy Spirit. “I never wanted this for ya” Mark Perro yells, a weak apology delivered with brute force, like everyone's already drunk the Kool-Aid so what the hell, let's see what this organ can do. Tomorrow's Hits will be the first album the band have recorded in a professional studio, and so every berserk element shines like never before: oceans of squalling solos and possessed brass give way to a breakdown, where piano keys bead on the track like sweat, before everything thrashes and screams for one last psychedelic death throe.

The Men's new album Tomorrow's Hits is out March 4th on Sacred Bones; pre-order here.

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