Listen: Joey Fourr debuts new pizza rock single “Born Slippery”

A math rock maestro goes pizza rock.

- Jan 8, 2014

After the failed experiments of Joeys Onee through Threee, geneticists are confident that Joey Fourr is the greatest thing to happen to indie rock/bartending since Dolly the Sheep opened a pub and convinced the Haim sisters to go for it.

In a previous life, Joe Prendergast played math rock with Tubelord, but the guitars on his new solo single “Born Slippery” are reclined and distracted, pop and pizza-fuelled chords passing by all blurry like the city's skyline from a highway. Unlike the song this track's title cheekily nods to, the general vibe is an ambivalent, disaffected shrug to mask inner turmoil, like flipping your sunglasses down so they can't see you cry.

“Born Slippery” is part of Art Reeks, a new collaborative record from Art Is Hard and Reeks Of Effort, with songs from bands like Pinact, and Radstewart. Pre-order here.

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