Listen: WU FYT! Francis Lung targets former bandmate and ex-WU LYF frontman on “A Selfish Man”

Wu Lyf leads to Wu Stryfe.

- Jan 7, 2014

The stings of Ellery James Roberts' departure from WU LYF and the band's subsequent dissolution are still very fresh with former bassist Francis Lung. LYF's second post-Roberts act as Los Porcos aside, Lung's got some things to say to his former frontman. But you don't require any prior knowledge to understand the specificity at work on “A Selfish Man,” Lung's bilious new solo single. Rather than drawing an awareness to our own self-interest, the song empathizes with us for the times which we've suffered under the ego of others. Skipping along though featherlight third generation Britpop guitar plucking, Lung targets with both pity and contempt, and shuffles out some victimized dance pop.

Pre-order Francis Lung's A Selfish Man 7" here, via Atelier Ciseaux. It's out January 16th.

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