Listen: Vampire Weekend cover that Andrea Bocelli song “Con Te Partirò,” makes it reggae

Your fifth grade teacher's gonna love this.

- Jan 7, 2014

What would it sound like if Vampire Weekend auditioned for America's Got Talent? Now we know. And thank God, because we needed to know. Starbucks will release a Valentines covers compilation called Sweetheart on February 4th with artists like Beck, Fiona Apple, and Vampire Weekend, who have chosen Andrea Bocelli's “Con Te Partirò,” the blind Italian tenor's most famous song. The music's chamber cyber-reggae sound seems to be in on a joke that Ezra Koenig is not privy too, given his shockingly good vocal performance (he calls the original song a “majestic gem” over at Rolling Stone). Put it on to set the mood this Valentine's, if you want that mood to be confusing and a little bit ~Jamaica~.

Sweetheart is out February 4th via Hear Music/Concord Music Group. Physical copies at Starbucks only.

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