Listen: Hear POW! give a ‘punk eulogy’ to San Francisco on “Hope Dealers”

Farewell San Fran, says local punk act.

- Jan 7, 2014

Post-Obama political punk can have a unique disillusionment to it, drifting off the chords like cartoon stink lines. On “Hope Dealers,” POW! maligns the titular virtue as vice, a slow-acting poison pill for the soul. The San Francisco act come as hard and heavy as their name suggests, with a very strong feeling they've been cheated. Even John Dwyer (of Thee Oh Sees)'s accompanying statement is hedged in nothing, not even the power of music: the city is dying, so pretend these power chords are fiddle riffs, yammering madly as San Fran is consumed by the fog of a billion private Google shuttles.

Castle Face will release High Tech Boom from POW! on January 14th.


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