RAMjams: 2014’s first batch of hidden underground electronic music is weird, fun, and goth

We kick off 2014 with some more hidden gems.

- Jan 6, 2014

With the rise of the Internet as a music platform, affordable recording technology, and online audio distribution platforms, it's harder than ever to keep up with electronic music. RAMjams is our streaming weekly roundup of odd, unusual, or otherwise remarkable underground electronic music you might have overlooked.

Happy new year! We gathered the best tunes that came out over RAMjams' holiday break and came up with some pretty (and gothic) stuff. 

1. TRANSFIX, “Feel It Inside”: Distant orchestral swells and mumbling through caked-on gothic face paint. A bit like watching a tempest over a black ocean from Dracula's lighthouse.

2. Dean Blunt feat. Joanne Robertson, “Def Freestyle”: Can't remember if these '80s horror flick synths appear on White Pony (that album's cover has been edited for this single), but they help Blunt wiggle comfortably into some comatose Tricky-level bars. He sounds so different here, I would be surprised if it's just some punter Blunt's pulled off the street.Which would fit Blunt's profile so far, obviously.

3. Patreke, “Edit 1”: Opal Tapes' breakout star Patricia teams up with Terek ke, and the result is the sound of techno escaping from the pages of a musty and ancient tome.

4. Dillon Francis feat. T.E.E.D., “Without You” (Flinch & Infuze remix): Amen breaks and Baauer-level trap beats are united easily by some peppermint sweet electro balladry.

5. Gobby, “Aantezeksyll”: A Disney composer's hard drive, containing dozens of unfinished themes for all sorts of characters, is melted down and spun into a few minutes of magnetic reel. Someone get Pixar on a script.

6. Apostille, “Dirt”: This is what happens when jocks stuff the kid in the Throbbing Gristle shirt in a locker, with his drum machines and synths. He emerges, hours later, with creeping and claustrophobic music stained by his experiences.

7. DJ Dog Dick, “Our Kin”: Max Eisenberg leads a moonshine drunk marching band through the guts of some junkyard his pop song is squatting in.

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