Listen: St. Vincent takes on your Netflix addiction with new song “Digital Witness”

After a “Birth In Reverse,” Annie Clark celebrates brain drain.

- Jan 6, 2014

In the middle of all the furor about NSAs, PRISMS and the like, on “Digital Witness” St. Vincent is urging us not to forget about losing ourselves to old fashioned TV vegetation. The latest cut from the impending St. Vincent (out February 25th via Loma Vista) marches along big and brassy, and sees the artist modelling her devastatingly effective ironic charisma on what could be a dystopian used brain salesman. Her manic grin is spread thick over lines that celebrate the synthesis of the cathode ray and the real (“People turn the TV on/ it looks just like a window”) and urge us to totally surrender our skulls' porridgy contents. (“I want all of your mind.”)

St. Vincent is out February 25th on Loma Vista. Listen to the previously released and still wonderful track “Birth In Reverse” here.

St. Vincent - Digital Witness (OFFICIAL AUDIO)

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