Album Stream: Silkken Laumann release free debut album, Not Forever Enough

Another pastoral Canadian folk-rock band learns to dance.

- Jan 2, 2014

The Acorn’s Rolf Klausener and Pat Johnson are the latest to turn the bass up and pack the dance floor, teaming up with Adam Saikaley and Gary Franks to form the mid-00’s vibing dance-rock band Silkken Laumann. After a long tease, they’ve just released their debut album, Not Forever Enough, for free online. Call it a New Year’s present. (Do people give presents on New Year’s?)

By now, we shouldn’t be surprised when a pastoral Canadian folk-rock band starts a beat-heavy side project. Though they’re from Ottawa, The Acorn were closely associated with Toronto's group-hug Friends In Bellwoods scene, but the recent breakup of community parents Ohbijou, bands have been learning to dance, one by one. First The D’Urbervilles/Matters’ John O’Regan rebranded himself as Diamond Rings, then Forest City Lovers’ Kat Burns teamed with Ohbijou’s Jamie Bunton as Kashka, Gentleman Reg created a colourful drag alter ego for Light Fires, and now we have Silkken Laumann.

They’re a bit moodier and (yup) silkier than their contemporaries. Still very Canadian, too – that name is just one “k” away from an Olympic gold-medalist rower. They lean heavily on the arpeggiator, with a lot of steam-building groove but with too much polite restraint to really blow it out (I believe the kids call that “the drop.”) But when they do lean in, like on the handclap-bass-funk “Obvious Water (Yer a kitten),” it’s the definition of “promise.”

Download Silkken Laumann's Not Forever Enough via Mediafire or stream it below.

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