Listen: Woodsman, “In The End Remember When?”

Get their new album February 4th.

- Dec 23, 2013

Woodsman is an athletic competition where all of the sports involve wood in some way. It's also a Vancouver (lots of trees) band, now based in Brooklyn (less trees, probably? Where's Central Park?), and they're releasing their third album this February 4th on Fire Talk. “In The End Remember When” is the second tune, a psychedelic number that begins preaching an airy serenity amongst its own bluster. If it starts like Faust on anti-psychotics, the meds wear off midway through the song, letting loose a flood of noise that shears away at the song with war drums pounding out the rhythm of an arrived onslaught.

The self-titled LP from Woodsman is out February 4th via Fire Talk. The first run of records will include 100 translucent orange ones and 25 with “hand collaged artwork.” I assume it's adhered to the sleeve in some form or fashion.

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