Listen: “Crumble” soundtracks the collapse of Toronto band Weaves

Have a good time getting hung up.

- Dec 20, 2013

Each of the first 350 people to show up at the Great Hall on January 10th for Long Winter will get a free 7" with Isla Craig and Weaves, and their new “Crumble” is right down there. Whether it's something benign like a hangover or something a little more crisis-y, something's gotten into the wirings of the Toronto band's manic rawk n' rule, and snipped away at its bearings. The guitar hits your ears in the way water through light strikes your eyes: wobbly and off its predicted course, so hey, improvise! Jasmyn Burke sings face down in the floor, unwilling to face the world but more than happy to sing about it: “One, two, three, fuck.”

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