Listen: Rick Ross feat. Jay Z, “The Devil Is A Lie”

We are for sure not Illuminati, say rappers, in 2013.

- Dec 19, 2013

Two ways to discredit accusations that you're in league with devil are with humour, and like a politician trying to explain how that lamb's carcass is just decorative. Guess which paths Rick Ross and Jay Z take on “The Devil Is A Lie?”

K.E. on the Track gives a soulful, bruising beat, drifting massively side-to-side like a crowd on the verge of riot. It's something ScHoolboy Q would destroy. But Ross gives it the top-down treatment it deserves. He's at Wingstop, then Dubai, maybe scoping out a franchise for his restaurant or taking his new black gold Ferrari for a spin. Can't see 'em, the oil money in the way. Jay Z, on the other hand, is at press conference cracking jokes while he sweats through his suit. He's not atheist, it's just complicated. Everyone in the hood benefits from that Barney's flap. Then some smarmy, crowd-pleasing platitudes in the form of undynamic crack metaphors to cap it off, no questions, NO QUESTIONS. No one serious takes the Illuminati seriously, but after this I might start folding dollar bills to see if it forms a picture of the Roc diamond.

Rick Ross's Mastermind drops early 2014 on Def Jam.

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