Listen: Hear three songs from the Chaz Bundick-cosigned Keath Mead

Calm down with some anxiety-ridden soft rock.

- Dec 18, 2013

All caps and spaced letters? That's a ringing endorsement on some Xmas day mass shit for Keath Mead, from Toro Y Moi's Chaz Bundick. He's releasing an album called Sunday Dinner, has dropped three unmastered songs, and that's about all we know. Google turns up dry. Is he this man? Probably not. But until a proper page turns up, maybe? Mead's tunes are certainly something a groovy Welsh chap in a Hawaiian shirt would enjoy.

The Sunday Dinner sampler thumbs through dollar bin soft rock with youthful discontent. “Grow Up” fleetingly admires adulthood and youthful entitlement while spurning maturity; “Polite Refusal” measures bronzed acoustic melodies against a hypothetical madness (manifested here with distorted wah-wah, texturally discordant yet strangely still in key). The psychedelic bookends and flavours commingle nicest on “Holiday,” the sound of someone trying to buy a plane ticket to someone else's life, sung in a voice that seeks to gently mollify Mead's own anxieties, like he's arbitrating his own internal conflicts.

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