Listen: Beyonce feat. Frank Ocean, “Superpower”

Beyoncé just dropped a new album. Everyone's dissing Jay-Z on Twitter. Today is ridiculous.

- Dec 13, 2013

Yeah, that picture of Beyoncé with Death Grips was funny, but maybe something actually rubbed off? Like the Sacramento band, she's just released a new album, self-titled with 14 songs and 17 videos, totally out of the blue. Ivy. Some differences between Beyoncé the album and DG's Government Plates: you have to pay for it.

I haven't listened to the whole thing but it probably can't be described lazily as “noise-punk,” and Government Plates does not have any Frank Ocean features. So no surprises there. But, you can listen to Beyoncé and Frank team up on “Superpower” right there at the bottom. Pharrell co-writes and produces, and the minimal bandstand of his production - a few voices, a few orchestral rolls and cymbal tap, Frank in the back - is almost a challenge to Beyoncé. Like, is your story and your voice big enough to withstand the heat of the spotlight? Basically rhetorical at this point, as you know.

Beyoncé is being billed as a “visual album.” Buy it on iTunes.

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