Listen: Ben Cook revives No Warning for “Resurrection of the Wolf,” fails to avoid a leak

Ben Cook talks reuniting with his old hardcore bandmates.

- Dec 12, 2013

Ben Cook is best known now as a guitarist for Toronto punks Fucked Up, but his original claim to fame was his last breakout hardcore band, No Warning. Cook recently got the band back together for one final seven-inch, Resurrection of the Wolf, as a financial benefit for the wife and daughter of their imprisoned former bass player Zach Amster, who has fallen on hard times.

No Warning’s most beloved album, Ill Blood, is now over a decade old, and Cook and his former bandmates have kept busy in a sprawling list of new projects, but former hardcore kids are still clamouring to hear the new material. How do we know? Because they have been. The eponymous single officially premiered today via Noisey (and is streaming above, video below), but it found its way online before then. Even worse, it seems to have been an inside job.

“Some industry herb fucked up and put it on Rdio a day early, so that’s some whackery,” says Cook in an email, also noting that they gained “1000+” new subscribers from the leak. “Apparently he had to physically walk over to get it taken down like it’s 1920. Maybe I’ll send him a thank you telegram.”

Then, before today's premiere, Cook's Souncloud page was hacked.


So obviously there’s still a dedicated cabal of hardcore kids clamouring for new No Warning, even if it’s a far cry from the many projects Cook has launched since then, most notably the straight-up ‘80s cheese pop of Yacht Club (which also features No Warning’s Matt Delong). Still, he says, it wasn’t hard to step back into the shoes of his snot-nosed teen self:

“I look at all the kinds of music I do in the same way. I’ve more or less made music with the same people all my life, so we all know what to expect. It’s just louder and more brutal.”

As for whether or not this “reunion” will include any live shows, he’s a bit more equivocal.

“I used to say hell no, but now I just don’t know. We’ll see how it goes. I just honestly don’t like the idea of dudes jumping on me and grabbing at my shit, scratching me, hitting me in the balls. I never did. I’m not above or hating on hardcore or anything, but who likes that? I just don’t. I guess that’s why I always ran around puking everywhere when I used to perform in NW.”

If you're in Toronto, No Warning is holding a release party/pop-up shop tonight at Crawford. Grab a seven-inch there, or get it online here. It goes to a good cause.

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