Listen: MGMT, “Alien Days” (Ceephax remix)

The Acid Crew lord gives string theory a soundtrack.

- Dec 12, 2013

Nothing is real and everything we know is a projection, says science in a new development that urges ferocious debate over the meaning of words like “nothing,” “real” “new,” “science,” and just about every noun in existence. To ring in this hilariously cruel and liberating piece of information, Ceephax, commandant of his Acid Crew, has remixed MGMT's “Alien Days.” And yes, it sounds like space things.

Floating on the back of some squelchy pseudo-funk and solar synth waves, it's languid and beckoning with a giant purple hand. But it also sounds like eating a vegetarian burrito and thinking about nature, like tantalizing and mundane things we can't even imagine because there are even more planes of creation than reality, at least at this point. It's a free download.

MGMT is out now via Columbia.

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