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Listen: Speedy Ortiz, “Everything’s Bigger”

Clear eyes, full hearts, and the alt-rock band are so goddamn tired.

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- Dec 11, 2013

With the sound of Speedy Ortiz and Major Arcana, alt-rock purists began to lose some wrinkles, and actually started to love the children they conceived on the exact moment they gave up. Now there's Real Hair, a new EP out February 11th on Carpark, to give their neglected hearts life again.

First single “Everything's Bigger” is a conversation fueled on three days of gas station food, glazed and going turbulent, like in the discourse between the mangled guitar lines and drained lyrics. Example: “Me I'm just like wife, she's a blade and I'm a donut,” punctuated by a lick. It could have been written just on that golden summit between exhaustion and hallucination when the body stops waiting for you to help it return to normal, then takes control for itself. It's always sort of messy.

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