Listen: St. Vincent announces new self-titled album, releases new song “Birth In Reverse”

It's out February 25th.

- Dec 9, 2013

St. Vincent will release a new self-titled album on February 25th on Loma Vista records. That's the cover art up there. Despite the regal air, there's a sense that she could have found everything in the picture, including the pink formica throne, at an undiscovered thrift shop during one of her tours. It's part of her appeal, her ability to turn feeling boring, dumb and numb into a lofty and occasionally noble thing.

Before you hear one note of “Birth In Reverse,” her new album's second track, the title hints at its palpable hunger for new beginnings. And singing with a voice constantly teetering on the edge of cracking, Annie Clark makes it a bit more explicit in her opening lyrics: “Oh what an ordinary day / Take out the garbage, masturbate.” Her guitar is still a ruthless thing, and jumps between following her vocals dutifully and roaring all supersonic solos for the hook: “Like a birth in reverse / What I saw through the blinds.” She might have liked to stay home at one point, but now that relationship is quickly congealing like a tub of mystery yogurt. This is her “report from the edge” scrawled on the back of an old pizza box and hurled through the window onto the lawn.

St. Vincent is out February 25th on Loma Vista.

St. Vincent - Birth In Reverse (OFFICIAL)

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