Listen: Toro Y Moi’s Chaz Bundick announces new project Sides of Chaz with “Sweet Tea”

Chaz Bundick debuts a sweetly messy new tune.

- Dec 4, 2013

The phrase “side project” probably feels pejorative to Chaz Bundick, who treats his techno project Les Sins with the same amount of musical affection as his most famous endeavour Toro Y Moi. So it's probably that “Sweet Tea,” Chaz Bundick's “sweet ass weirdo pop jam” from his new endeavour Sides of Chaz, is rough around the edges on purpose. It's full of a scraggly, almost free-form energy descended from lo-fi demo tapes, determined to shine while retaining its raw sonics. While his solos and organs and drums seem to stumble charmingly over each other, Bundick belts out a wry, creased take on luv entreaties: “Give me someone close to hold onto/I don't wanna be my friend no more.”

Bundwick's Sides of Chaz Sweet Tea/Take My Car 7" is out December 10th on Fork and Spoon Records; preorder here.

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