Listen: Doldrums, “Dive Deep Pt. 1”

Airick Woodhead uploads a soothing tour through a digital purgatory.

- Dec 4, 2013

Step 1: Connect your video camera to your VCR. Step 2: Set your TV to display what your camera captures. Step 3: Point the camera lens towards your TV. Stare at that image long enough, and for a few moments you're trapped in some kind of precipitous techno-hypnosis, barely balancing between soothing and insidious.

Doldrums' “Dive Deep Pt. 1” is the soundtrack to that weird digital proto-Matrix, its soothing electronics projected in glimmering waves as the percussion trundles along like a shopping cart filled with damp, rusty pans. This dialogue continues for as long as Airick Woodhead moderates it with his equally emotionally ambidextrous vocals, but once these drop out  in the song's closing third, a more cynical tone resembling Boards of Canada's Tomorrow's Harvest takes hold. But by that point, you probably be too far gone to snap out of it.

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