RAMjams: Our underground electronic music playlist featuring Machinedrum, Seams, and much more

Eight tracks of subterranean circuitry. This week chiptune finally got growed up and is going to its very first underground rave.

- Dec 2, 2013

With the rise of the Internet as a music platform, affordable recording technology, and online audio distribution platforms, it's harder than ever to keep up with electronic music. RAMjams is our streaming weekly roundup of odd, unusual, or otherwise remarkable underground electronic music you might have overlooked.

What happened this week? I listened to a chiptune and enjoyed myself. If you follow your favorite producers on Twitter, they'll release free footwork songs. Plus, lots and lots of sweeping synthesized emotion. 

1. Opal Block, “Kickin The Moon Across The Sky”: Chiptune finally got growed up and is going to its very first underground rave. It's a packed room of hot breath, with strobelights and drink spillers stuffed shoulder to shoulder.

2. Machinedrum, “Heavy Weight”: We all loved DJ Rashad's Double Cup, and Machinedrum celebrated 30,000 Twitter followers with his own take on the footwork craze. There's jungle!

3. Mind Dynamics, “EcoLogo”: What did we tell you about playing with that Ouija board, Mind Dynamics? Yes, djinn-possessed techno is very cool, but how are we going to get this demon vomit out of our jeans?

4. Nameless, “Massive”: Is sssssomeone making a play to produce for the next Captain Murphy release? Because it sounds like you're making a very good case, Nameless.

5. Aquarian, “Fan Death”: The Terminator must have had a stereo somewhere in that robot body of its. Here's some spooky techno it might have listened to as it tried to murder that woman.

6. Shenoda, “Leslie Crowther”: A heavenly space age concoction, fizzling with intensity of a thousand radioactive neurons. Not just a house track but an actual journey as well.

7. Shigeto, “Olivia” (Seams remix): Feel that sizzle, like melting ice. Seams reveals a chilly spring in full blossom within this elastic, ambivalent electro tune.

8. Illium Sphere, “Sleeprunner” (Zed Bias remix): Those jauntily panning thumb piano notes and modulated synth chords keep this track on the edge of UK funky, but an improvised electric piano reels it into some place smoother.

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