Listen: Pete Swanson, “Pleasure Averse”

Hear a new one from the Sacramento noise-techno producer.

- Dec 2, 2013

Pete Swanson makes the music people joked pop would become in thirty years: structureless, piercing drones generated by motherboards stricken with consumption, occasionally set to a recognizable beat to get your head bogging beneath the scrum. This year's Punk Authority was the garbled audible translation of a techno meant to be downloaded straight to your cerebral cortex, and now the man's gone and released a new song. “Pleasure Averse” can be found on Feral Grind, a new compilation from Ali Wells'  sub-label SUBMIT. At six and a half minutes, it's more of a workout than a marathon, ringing out with a heartbroken melody getting progressively lost under its militaristic stomp towards a newly annexed dancefloor.

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