Listen: Fatima, “Black Dough”

The London singer easily masters a bizarre beat.

- Dec 2, 2013

“Black Dough” is the black sheep of Fatima's Family/La Neta 12," but it's not out of place.  The release's first side is speckled with vibrantly weird flourishes against its velvet neo-soul backdrop, so when you flip the vinyl over and you're met with such full-throttle flexibility, it's a bit like the wake up call you were dreaming of. The singer hair-flips with soulful declarations of focus against a nearly antagonistic production from Flako. She's toe-to-toe with a shapeshifter: first it's speed bag kicks over tumbling harps, then it's slinking towards the dancefloor, zooted up in glimmering, cooing organs. But it's Fatima's show, and her performance glides and occasionally soars, like a challenge for the next track to switch it up even further.

Buy Fatima's Family/La Neta 12" here via Eglo Records.

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