listen: Porches., “Townie Blunt Guts”

Hear the quietly desperate track from their new split 7".

- Nov 4, 2013

Perched atop a throne of cold pizza crusts and old Chinese takeaways sits “Townie Blunt Guts,” the new single from New York's Porches. from their split 7" with LVL UP. They're coming off a very-good full length in Slow Dance Around The Cosmos, and “Townie” seizes the moments of gleeful, sludge-rock desperation. Reams of doe-eyed despair pour through layers of acoustic twang and furrowed sludge, like a day-drunk Dinosaur Jr. Combine the feeling of realizing you've forgotten your own birthday with the quiet hysterical drain of filling out an online dating profile, and you've got the blend of impossible and mundane absurdity that the song drives at so well.

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