listen: White Lung, “Down With You”

The Vancouver group summon the Old Ones for a punk/metal black mass.

- Oct 23, 2013

Breaking musical writer's block can be as easy as looking at pictures for inspiration. Perhaps White Lung spent a bit staring at the album art for Meat Loaf's Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell before writing “Down With You.” If you know anything about this band, you already know that title doesn't refer to the coy amourosity of some candy crushed naughties girl group; it's a descent into a hell chasm.

If any hands are being held, they're in the process of disintegrating. Lead singer Mish Way cuts through the intro's tar-thick chords as the song jumps between needling and full of some ancient darkness, like something pulled from a dusty book, bound with what is probably human flesh. In all honesty, how far from metal is that relentlessly chugging power chord prophecy, that resignation to some awful-sounding fate? But genre's not (ever) the important question: it's how you're going to stop yourself from constantly hitting replay on this track, a six pack-fuelled cemetery-summoning that's actually worked.

White Lung's “Blow It South”/”Down With You” is out October 28th digitally via Deranged.

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