[album stream] Porches, Slow Dance In The Cosmos

Hear the New York band's cracking new pop record.

- Aug 29, 2013

On their new album Slow Dance In The Cosmos, Porches have created some intriguingly affable sad kid music, refreshingly open with its debts to classic singer/songwriting while unafraid to tap into a youthful vigor. Happily, the music's foundation is difficult to pick out that the mood it elicits. We visit the sparkly ethers of keyboard patches, alt-rock's chugging bonhomie and the barren expanses that only a solitary strummed acoustic guitar can bring to us. Although no one song perfectly sums up the band's sound, there's no sonic insecurity here. What Porches have arrived at on Slow Dance In The Cosmos is as diverse, focused and liberating as a fast train ride across a small country. Buy it here via Exploding in Sound Records.

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