[listen] Happy Jawbone Family Band, “Everybody Knows About Daddy”

Psyche folk with an open secret.

- Aug 26, 2013

After spending half a decade slowly building their rep as the premiere psyche-folk good timers of Brattleboro, Vermont, the band will release a new self-titled album on October 15th, their first for Mexican Summer. Like hearing the sounds of a happy neighbourhood pouring inside to a silent, grim kitchen table, “Everybody Knows About Daddy” yearns to match the amber glow of its surroundings, and it's inevitable that the two would occasionally bleed into each other, given how the vocal melodies and flexing guitar riffs seem eager to carry you off to better, drunker times. But that's out of reach: at it's heart, there's a buttressed facade of Colgate smiles and re-re-re-tied Windsor knots, and it's not going anywhere, at least for now.

Happy Jawbone Family Band - Everybody Knows About Daddy [Official Single]

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