[listen] M.I.A., “UNBREAK my Mixtape”

A sad song for the weirdos to take solace in.

- Aug 21, 2013

Here's a controversial statement: music can sometimes be a great emotional salve. Open any dedicated iTunes user's library, and you'll probably find a selection of playlists, perhaps with titles like “lovers rock” or “break up songs.” Those are some of tags M.I.A. has given to “UNBREAK my Mixtape” on her Soundcloud, and the song is an unfiltered and honest insight both into M.I.A.'s romantic turmoil and the songs that may have helped get her through. Samples like Blur's “Tender,” Carly Simon's “Why,” and more get filtered through M.I.A.'s raw sonic palette - that means anxious synth zaps and a narcotic amen break that seems prone to break down at any moment. It's a sad song for the weirdos to take solace in. Matangi's out November 5th on Interscope.

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