[listen] Braids, “Hossak”

A new cut of enchanted experimental pop.

- Jul 31, 2013

On the new Braids track “Hossak,” Raphaelle Standell-Preston spins elegant and mysterious gold from a common scenario, in this case a pizza-equipped, acid-bellied visitor. She glides just above the enchantment, brassy notes and scrambled samples ringing and shuttering, with anxious drums all helping to keep the embers of mystery slowly burning.

But maybe I'm projecting the song's connection to the supernatural, thanks to the lyrics: “Oh Jordan, where'd you go to?” Three pressing questions: Did I die, is my soul lingering in some blog-based purgatory, and is this song a transmission from the corporeal realm, in search of my wayward spirit? It's too improbable for there not to be at least some truth to it. Flourish // Perish is out August 20th via Arbutus/Full Time Hobby/Flemish Eye.

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