[listen] Le Poisson d’Argent, “YOUTH”

The Montreal producer makes an almost painful beat banger out of ornate noise.

- Jun 25, 2013

The opening track for the EP of the same name, it's no surprise that “YOUTH” is the most accessible and articulate song on Montreal producer Le Poisson d'Argent's release. Both the song and the EP's cover art don't present escape as a viable option, but “YOUTH” traps by enticing.

Anyone familiar with the stretched languid pace of Clams Casino will be drawn to the intro, a friendly and funeral horn warm-up, but that's all a venus fly trap for the song's bulk, formed by microwaved beat culture of Lapalux and Aphex Twin's listener endurance trials. The shower of royal sounds soon becomes a barrage, forcing the listener underwater with flaring sunrise synths and a diamond vault's worth of glittering chimes. Rarely do such pleasant noises so closely approach the ear's threshold of pain. Even the track itself sounds like it's moaning. The song ends as it begun, those same horns now black and bruised by the assault, and it feels less like coming up for air than preparing for the next deluge.

Listen to the Youth EP at Bandcamp. Below, watch the video for “Early Mornings.”

Le Poisson d'Argent - Early Mornings from Alex Labbé on Vimeo.

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