[listen] Kevin Gates, “100it Gang”

The thug crooner gets trippy.

- Jun 19, 2013

When Kevin Gates raps, he makes his emotions as clear as his tattoos. His breakthrough EP The Luca Brasi Story positioned him as the Nicolas Sparks-reading thug and tatted up crooner who valued love to an almost painful degree. He was just doing what came naturally, and “100it Gang” proves that his songs can navigate hip-hop radio's trippy anthems just as intriguingly as his own character.

Rapping Gates duets with his dancehall-inflected singing side over a glittering party anthem from the Mike Will Made It School, but don't think that the only affection is reserved for the substances he and his tight-knit crew are abusing; Gates is looking for a groupie that “bumps india.arie...not the average girl from the videos.” Gates has passed his first big test of maintaining artistic integrity since signing to Atlantic Records, but what about commercial viability? On that, he speaks plainly: “Video coming on MTV? Could really give a fuck / 'long as every hood know it.”

Kevin Gates -100it Gang (marijuana time)

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