[listen] Hear Holly Herndon remix Planningtorock’s “Misogyny Drop Dead”

A house tune that does more exercise than you have all year.

- May 13, 2013

Holly Herndon, pictured her in some fancy uptown eatery (probably) with a delicious glass of juice (definitely) has put her own cerebral dance spin on “Misogyny Drop Dead” by Planningtorock, which is not spelled “Planningtorick” no matter what my brain tells me.

HH's version starts with a stretched out moans looping around small pockets of crispy percussion, which eventually meet with a thumping kick and glitched-up gasps for air. Along with beads of house chords strung together like candy bracelets or whatever jewellery people wear at house music nights, it's certainly perfect for sweaty, sticky dancing. But the relentless activity of the elements, like electrolytes in a sports drink, make it a suitable soundtrack for any primal physical activity. Or, all forms of strenuous...MOVEMENT. AAAAAAND SCENE.

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