[listen] Bibio, “You”

From Silver Wilkinson, out May 14th

- Apr 17, 2013

Silver Wilkinson is the name of Bibio's new album out May 14th, and also a type of haircut you can name drop with your barber to impress him. “You” is another leak from the project, and with the precision of a diamond inspector, Bibio identifies the most joyous syllables in a honey golden funk sample and refines them to make his own statement while nodding enthusiastically in Dilla's direction. It's the song's centrepiece, lovesick yet dizzily hopeful, but the sections flanking it are also Bibio at his most euphoric and emotionally ambitious. The tune reels you in with a bustling bass groove and some of the proto-sitar noodling that has become Bibio's trademark, and sends you off with a beachside murmur, a slow and cooly colorful collapse into the horizon for a song that consistently hits the narrative swing of a perfect day.

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