[listen] Denzel Curry, “N64”

The Raider Klan MC delivers on his strongest track yet.

- Apr 15, 2013

Not sure if there are any video game samples in Denzel Curry's “N64,” but the new track from the Raider Klan MC doesn't offer any of the comforts of virtual reality. Abundant comic book and Disney references make the visions of Casey Anthony and suicide that much more horrifying and tragic. One of the chief criticisms of SpaceGhostPurrp's camp is their liberal appropriation of decades-old horrorcore and screw music. But Denzel's verses are delivered with too much force to be facsimiles of someone else's emotions; he might be a “thug from the 90s/I'm cryogenically frozen,” but he makes the insidious digital beat his own. During the middle of the song, a newscast from a Florida school's walk-out following Trayvon Martin's murder plays; it serves as an amoral headpiece that colours, illuminates, and blackly rationalizes the moral indiscretions and spiritual failings of the character Denzel Curry raps in.

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