[listen] Laura Stevenson, “L-DOPA”

The alt-country artist gets really, really personal.

- Mar 4, 2013

On her new song “L-DOPA,” Laura Stevenson recreates a level of interpersonal intimacy most crave but few are ready for from our relations, never mind our musicians. The song's structure is on country autopilot, knowing how to best serve Stevenson and her voice, which snatches a little it more of air out of your lungs with every notes. Emotionally, her lyrics are a bit like reading the mind of that sad person on the bus and finding every tragedy you expected. They're a neverending reliquary of poetry like “I'm blessed by my mother though I'll never know her,” lines that don't get any less powerful after hearing them three, four, five times. And you have to hear them one after another, as the song's instrumentation gradually telescopes out to match the frontiers of Stevenson's voice. The new album Wheel is out April 23rd on Don Giovanni.

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