[listen] Mister Lies, “Lupine”

Melt at your desk to more dub dance form the Chicago producer.

- Jan 28, 2013

Music of the 90s “New Age” boom has staked a place in the work of many upcoming musicians, but it seems to have gripped the interest of producers. On “Lupine,” Mister Lies gives a nod to the computer startup noises and easy listening compilations of days past, but it's a fleeting moment of trendy indulgence. It soon gives way to his own sound, the plush and emotive dub that was sadly missing on “Hounded,” that now comes with a dancehall rattle and a much simpler and more compelling vocal line (elegant, angelic coos). Though what the song nails best is the structure; it ascends on plush synth pads to what could only be a huge emotional payoff, then drops off just as quickly, to gurgling water or the sound of children playing. But Mister Lies understands how to make each cycle into a new journey that's just as fulfilling as the last one, so even though we might never reach the promised destination, by the end it's clear that's not what counts.

Mister Lies, "Lupine"

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