[listen] Jamie Lidell, “Why Ya Why”

A sugar rush of cartoon soul.

- Jan 15, 2013

A late comer (but still very welcome) to our best songs of 2012Jamie Lidell really shook us up with “What A Shame.” And “Why Ya Why” follows suit, continuing Lidell's channeling of the polyamourous funk spirit of Andre 3000's The Love Below. Lidell also shares a similar vocal range and sense of fun with 3 Stacks, the latter of which is critical to the song's success. His pleas for a girl to dance and have fun are zooted up with a craggy soul, and are hammy, hilarious, and expertly sung. It's like being dragged into a speakeasy in a rubber hose cartoon, everything exaggerated and punched up till there's not an element that doesn't sound like it comes from a sexy talking instrument. Press play and get your Roger Rabbit on. Lidell's new album comes out February 19th via Warp.

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