[listen] The Men, “Electric”

Back to play on decades of glorious rock tradition.

- Jan 9, 2013

2012's Open Your Heart from Brooklynite rawkers The Men was a fearsome salvo of Sonic Youth/Stooges flashbangs that seemed to soundtrack those outwardly intimidating bars that, once you ventured inside, contained the drunkest, rowdiest night of your life. Their new single “Electric” doesn't miss a beat. It further taps the core of indie rock like a potent and familiar geothermal energy, its influences commingling like stains on a favorite denim jacket, till you can't tell the blood from the ketchup you had after that fight. But they're both great memories, and you know they'll always be important ones. New Moon sees a release March 5th via Sacred Bones.

The Men "Electric" (Official Audio)

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