[album stream] Christopher Owens, Lysandre

Listen to the debut solo album from the former GIrls frontman.

- Jan 9, 2013

When Christopher Owens abruptly left his previous band Girls, the blow was softened by the assurance that Owens, arguably the creative driving force behind that band, would continue to make music. And now we have Lysandre, a concept album thatched by the ecstasies and sorrows of a real life love affair Owens experienced. It's this knowledge that gives Lysandre a mystique, much like what branded the Girls recordings; it was impossible to separate them from Owens' childhood within a cult and subsequent bohemian existence. But with Lysandre the allure comes from our desire to love and to be loved, to hear our own “Lysandre's Theme,” four rustic bars that represents his past love's presence in the songs, whenever our own love comes to mind. By writing an album only two people can fully understand with such fearlessness and style, Owens has inadvertently spoken to something universal. The album will be released January 14th in the UK and on the 15th in the US.  

-via The Line of Best Fit

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