[listen] Cassidy’s “R.A.I.D.” is the best diss track since his last one

Never make enemies with a good ass rapper.

- Jan 7, 2013

The Azealia Banks/Angel Haze feud played out in Twitter-time, so the three diss tracks that were pumped out in its eighteen hour life span weren't the best that either artist was capable of. But the dormant rapper Cassidy (remember “I'm A Hustla”) has nothing but time, which he used to craft the excellent “Me, Myself & My iPhone,” an uproariously creative and multilayered diss track to not just Meek, but anyone that doubts him for the wrong reasons. But after Meek Mill finally cracked and shot back on the just-ok “Repo,” Cassidy used their shared history for ammo on a relentless track over classic instrumentals that needs every second of its ten minute length. You should listen to the whole thing, but here are the best lines that made me feel the worst for Meek Mill...


“Yo my bars so raw, it could get bagged up/But yours got mad cut and not the kind that scab up” - Coke rap diss!

“And we know, I turned to Christ like Tebow/But in jail was the only time I hung around a C.O.” - 2-for-1 Mill and Rick Ross diss!

“All you can make is party tracks/Everybody know Meek sound weak on a slow beat” - Kinda true and I feel bad admitting it diss!

“Yeah you poppin now but if you stop gettin' chisle, all them niggas you with gon' start to get forgetful” - Cassidy closes things out by sounding a little concerned. If it wasn't for everything that came before, it might even be inspiring!


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