[listen] Eat Skull – “Space Academy”

Garage rock with full-throated purpose.

- Jan 4, 2013

Eat Skull's garage rock a la Dinosaur Jr is a bracing testament: that any resurgent sound can sound as exciting as it did decades ago, as long as there's clarity beneath it all. And it's there in Skull's meandering, slightly psyche “Space Academy.” Beneath the dense plume of fuzz and vocals that sound like they're being shouted at passing cars, there's an internal stillness throughout, one that's especially apparent during the two minute instrumental outro. Not even the treacle-thick guitar solos that punctuate it can slice through the special kind of calm they've tapped, the kind that can only come with hitting your creative stride.

Eat Skull's new album III is out February 19th via Woodist.

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