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[listen] Two tracks from Ty Segall’s new band Fuzz

The garage rock icon goes metal.

- Jan 3, 2013

No matter how hard you worked in 2012, Ty Segall's work ethic likely made yours look like a twelve month I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant marathon. And the rocker's poised to do it again in 2013, already starting a new band called Fuzz with guitarist Charlie Moothart. Their debut 7" single was released via Trouble in Mind, and though it's sold out, you can stream both tracks below. While both are entrenched in the gnarled roots of metal's origins, “This Time I Got A Reason” is closer to Segall's garage rock, while the guitar lines on “Fuzz's Fourth Dream” slithers and shrieks with the charm of a Tony Iommi demo. Insidious, grin-inducing stuff.

“This Time I Got A Reason”

Fuzz - This Time I Got a Reason (Ty Segall & Charles Moothart)

“Fuzz's Fourth Dream”

Fuzz - Fuzz's Fourth Dream (Ty Segall & Charles Moothart)

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