[listen] Skrillex – “Leaving”

The Brostep Boss gets deep.

- Jan 3, 2013

Skrillex has released a new song called “Leaving,” and the blogs are flipping out because it's basically Burial. Skrillz tosses the threshold of pain-shattering brodubwubstep of his previous EPs for the cluttered urban dismay that makes the mysterious London producer's sound so special. But he doesn't stop the cherry-picking there: the song's end quivers with a hint of Cosmogramma strings near the end. In all likelihood, “Leaving” is Skrillex's attempt to show his detractors that yes, he can make music to think to. And while we welcome these new endeavours, he'll have to bring some new ideas to compete with such an exciting and crowded field.

Skrillex - Leaving

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