[listen] Azealia Banks – “BBD”

More hater-squashing future rap.

- Jan 2, 2013

Azealia Banks' tunes have a way of feeling a lot longer than they are. Not because they're interminable, but because her rapping feels double time even at its slowest, especially when it's over an instrumental that fit in as many 808 snare rolls as the average hip hop club on a Friday night. “BBD” is quintessential Banks, an anthem for her “bad bitches” that works in both sex-and-shopping generalities and ice-cold specifics of how she dominates the other gender: “Niggas coughing off that 8th of/I wanna hit them vapors/It’s that sporty bitch that game 'em/They calling me Super Sega, hit that.” Though it builds and explodes into the hook with the force of a time bomb at a fashion show, it won't do anything to sway those not yet tuning in to Banks' euro-trashy rap mayhem.


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