[listen] Egyptian Hip Hop cover Django Django’s “Love’s Dart”

Covering a song doesn't have to be an exercise.

- Dec 18, 2012

Egyptian Hip Hop and Django Django have one thing in common: “art-pop” is the easiest, laziest way to describe their music. But that suggests a homogeneity that simply doesn't exist, a point expressly made in EHH's cover of Django's “Love's Dart.” It's anything but routine. The spaghetti western meets world music twang of the original is chucked out for a tune that feels like it's embracing you, pulling you in for a deep and personal secret, frayed, yet resolute. Nebulous synths and vocals escape with a sigh, condensed in a rich mist of fuzz, while the percussion hits like a funky ocean that's lapping against a boat's cabin. In a field where the sum of their labours are often reduced to 100 word blurbs, Egyptian Hip Hop have distinguished themselves through contrast, and in doing so made their strengths hard to ignore.

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