[listen] Charli XCX – “You”

Gold Panda on the beat!

- Dec 18, 2012

Charli XCX has the same problem as jj, in that the sheer weight of her hip-hop stylings occasionally drag her down to the depths of affectation. What's worse, she doesn't seem to be aware of when it's happening (see that abysmal Brooke Candy collab). But! When she gets it (mostly) right, as on the Gold Panda-sampling “You,” it's really something special. She flexes her pop producer muscles on the chirpy electronic production, and re-imagines it as a triumphant relationship closing anthem that relishes its salvaged dignity. Flawless hooks are XCX's speciality, so it's the verses that sometimes get rough, and not in the way she's hoping; her rapping can be sloppy and cringe-inducing instead of edgy. She made it work perfectly on “You're The One,” and occasionally on her Super Ultra tape; Let's hope that future recordings recapture that persona.

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