[mp3 roundup #50] Ab-Soul, Burial, William Tyler, and more…

...like Foals and Heathered Pearls

- Dec 14, 2012


Burial – “Truant” & “Rough Sleeper”

“They’re truly immense tracks, 25 minutes between the two of them, and are perhaps the most personal stuff we’ve yet heard from the secretive producer.”

William Tyler – “Cadillac Desert”

“...a sobering reminder that shoegaze doesn’t own the copyrights on window-rattling distorted bass.”

Foals – “My Number”

Foals - My Number

“It’s a more successful balance of the new abrasiveness and their signature gold-flecked palm-muting, a potent combination what amplifies the funkiness of an already very danceable song about solitude and self-sufficiency.”

Heathered Pearls – “Precious Dive”

“Heathered Pearls has built a tiny storm of sound, starting with a trickling loop that becomes a slight monsoon near the middle, with cycles of distortion that cascade into snaps like heavy raindrops on the roof of your home.”

Ab-Soul – “Only 1”

“'Only 1' contains some of Soulo’s best verses since Terrorist Threats. A horn-heavy sample rings out like it’s proclaiming a lord returning after twelve months of triumphant battle, as Soul shifts between prophet, rapper-slayer, and future of the industry.”

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