[listen] Foals – “My Number”

This is more like it.

- Dec 13, 2012

February 12th will bring Holy Fire, a new album by Foals with some seriously great cover art. “My Number” is the second studio offering we've heard, after the jarringly brusque crunch of “Inhaler.” But the new song affirms that the band haven't abandoned what sets them apart from the crowd. It's a more successful balance of the new abrasiveness and their signature gold-flecked palm-muting, a potent combination what amplifies the funkiness of an already very danceable song about solitude and self-sufficiency. “You don't have my number/I don't need no one now/And I don't need these city streets” the vocals proclaim over the outro, a hearty affirmation that kicks the door to the real world down as the real world returns.

Foals - My Number

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