[listen] Stream four tracks from Future Funk prodigy HARRISON

Four powerful funk-hop tracks.

- Dec 7, 2012

HARRISON is eager. There was no aloofness when he emailed us his music, just an anxiousness to talk to someone who might help get his music to a few more ears, maybe even outside of his native Toronto. He has the understanding of the music industry that you'd expect from a 17 year old; in one of our correspondences, he hinted that he'd appreciate the names of outlets that press vinyl records. But that's the fascinating duality of HARRISON: he creates stunning, funky productions that sound like the future, yet ask him where it comes from or where it's going, and your guess is as good as his.

His music conjures the neon-soaked sunset synth burners of decades past, but adamantly refute the charge of retro for retro's sake. It's “Future Funk” by his own admission, a descendent of iconic Cali G-Funk that coasts between homage and progression, like a chillier Toro Y Moi. But his sound is pure Toronto, and if he continues on his path, this exciting, precocious and very new artist could carve a place for himself in the city's creatively blossoming hip-hop culture.


“Let's Lay It Back”


“City Lights”

“Lo Love”

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