[listen] King Tuff – “Somewhere Out There” (Fievel The Mouse cover)

Look at that face aaaaaaaaaaaaa

- Dec 7, 2012

It's no use pretending that I don't have memories attached to An American Tail and “Somewhere Out There.” So here's everything the song evokes for me:  After-school pool parties at a friends house during elementary school. The smell of chlorine and carrot sticks. Towels that are too dry. There. Am I good? Can I still wear tight jeans? Christ. Anyway, King Tuff is covering the song which was originally about talking mice what loved each other. But in Tuff's hands, the tune sounds like something you might play after tucking your drunk dad in and promising the cops he won't drive in that condition again, honest. The keyboard tune is taken from a charity compilation called The Weiner Dog Comp, set up to fund treatments for a sick weiner pooch named Popcorn. Fucking POPCORN. Where's my goddamned wallet?

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