[listen] Nosaj Thing – “Snap”

A slight step backwards.

- Dec 5, 2012

Nosaj Thing aka Jason Chung's debut Drift was an album of pensive hip-hop electronic ambience, the sort of thing you might listen to on your iPod after wandering out of a rave for some air. His previously released single “Eclipse/Blue” seemed like a real progression, dulling the boom-bap influences for straight-up electro, but “Snap” undoes that in an attempt to return to Drift's slurry of genres. The expansive thud of the drums helps the track's percussion resemble that of a spacier 40 beat, but Nosaj's things electronics send it into an orbit of it's very own. That isn't to say it's successful; it almost feels like a Drift demo, thanks chiefly to a crude lead synth line. “Eclipse/Blue” proved Nosaj Thing knew just how to advance his sound; let's hope that his new album Home, out January 22nd, continues that.

Nosaj Thing - "Snap"

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